Mind Your Bite #20: Create a system to create more.

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Hello friends,

Hope you’re doing fantastic. I just returned from my trip from Wurzburg to visit a friend. Still not back to the writing mood, but that won’t be an excuse for me to this week’s issue.

Before getting started, I want to share with you a note from Nate Zeisler, a fantastic creator I met a few weeks ago on Twitter. Nate has dedicated his life to helping 20-something creators to thrive in the gig economy. I myself have learned a lot from his tweets and newsletter about financial stability and career choices.

Here’s a note from Nate, creator of 5 Tips For The Unrelenting 20-Something 💌 :

Hi everyone and thanks to you Naomi for letting me connect with your community! Whenever I coach artists and creators, our conversations come down to three basic areas for growth:

1) How to find more time,

2) How to find more money,

3) How to find more meaningful work.

My newsletter gets right to the heart of these areas, offering short, easy-to-understand tips designed to help you thrive.

What I give:

My newsletter gives 5 weekly tips with links along with a short list of links to things I loved from the week prior.

What you gain:

A curated list of the best career and life ideas for creators which will help you save time, find money, and create a life rooted in meaning.

Here’s a sample issue of it and you can subscribe here. Cheers!

Now onto this week’s ideas…

📒 Interesting reads

  1. Do you need help creating a system to create more? You should check out David Kadavy’s article on the productivity system that quadruples his writing output. David is a bestselling author of many books on creativity and energy management. He also hosts the podcast Love Your Work showing you how to be productive when creativity matters. In this article, he discloses the 7 mental states and 4 stages of creative work which allows him to publish 3 books in just 6 months.

  2. Every creator wants to create more and make an impact. Yet only on a very rare occasion, we find a creator who is able to produce top-notch work which provides massive value — What’s magic power do they possess? In this essay, Justin Mikolay reveals 3 extreme skills of a 10× creator, the creator who is 10 times, 50 times, or 100 times more productive than the average one. You should also check out Justin’s Twitter account where he shares Big Ideas of the Most Interesting People on the Internet.

  3. James Clear Blog is my favorite go-to resource whenever I hit a slump in life. This week I feel deeply resonated with this article “The Ultimate Productivity Hack is Saying No”. One question that it tackles is why we’re so prone to saying yes. I always thought it was the fear of missing out that keeps us from saying no. But as it turned out, social pressure and the sense of community play a big part too. Do you find yourself overcommitting time and energy to projects outside your interests? Time to reassess and learn to say no. This article is a good place to start.

  4. A newsletter can help you connect more deeply with your audience. But it may also take a lot of time to write. In this article, Austin Kleon reveals his process of writing a newsletter that gets read in just 2 hours. For those who are not familiar with Austin Kleon newsletter, it sends out to 80,000 subscribers every Friday a list of 10 things — about new art, writing, and other interesting links. A must-subscribe for the creative.

🐦 Best in Tweets

If you ever produce anything at all, you’re gonna relate with at least one of these moments:

Make use of these transition words to keep your writing flow:

The famous Hemingway once said: “The first draft of anything is shit.” That’s why every written piece justifies a re-write. Here’s a guide to it:

That’s it for the week.

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