Mind Your Bite #16: Take it outdoors

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These days I spend a lot of times indoors. I kept making excuses for not stepping outside. It's too cold. It's too dark. The rain is nonstop.

So I hid myseld behind the walls, fuming with bad moods.

Finally, in a rainy day, I made up my mind: "Heck it. I just head outdoors anyway."

And so I put on a jacket and started jogging. As I walked, I looked at the sky through my blurry glasses, listened to the bird chirping from the distant, watched raindrops dripping off tree branches like crystal pearls.

Suddenly, I felt energized. Grumpy moods disappear. Sunny thoughts shine through.

I realized I'm not in dark mood. I only need some air.

If you stay inside the room for too long, the lack of oxygen will mess with your brain. So take it outdoors. Get some air. Nature can't do you wrong.

Onto this week’s idea…

🚀 Productivity boost

1. How I Became a More Productive Writer by Doing This One, Simple Thing

I bet you have heard one of these advice:

  • Put everything on a calendar.

  • Block out time for important work.

  • Batch similar tasks.

Guess what? They don't always work.

The problem with these methods is they shift your mind between different projects. Although your mind is good at shifting, it comes at a high cost of your focus.

Let’s try something else — Instead of dividing your attention to many tasks, focus on ONE thing for a day.

Check out this blog post where Carol Tice, creator of Make A Living Writing, shares how working on one assignment a day makes her a more productive writer.

2. The T-shape Information Diet

If you want better outputs, you need better inputs.

If you want better inputs, you need to consume from better information sources.

How to identify the high-quality sources from the sub-standard?

The answer is to adopt T-shape information diet.

The T-shape information diet not only makes you a smarter consumer but also saves time for your creation process.

Learn how to cultivate a high-quality information diet in this essay by Nick deWilde.

I found it in Jungle Gym Newsletter, a bi-monthly newsletter to help you make better career choices and gain a life advantage.

✨ Creativity supercharge

1. How to punctuate

As a writer, we sometimes underestimate the role of grammar in the sentence.

After all, who cares about a few silly grammatical mistakes if your ideas are brilliant?

The thing is bad grammar may result in unclarity and confuse your readers.

Consider this example:

(1) Let's eat grandpa.

(2) Let's eat, grandpa.

I guess the former sentence doesn't bring chill to your spine :)

In this blog post, Julian Shapiro breaks down 10 rules of punctuation to help you sound more clearly on paper.

I came upon this while reading Tom Littler’s Sunday Productivity Newsletter, one of my favorite newsletters on productive and purposeful living.

2. True fans fundamentals

Success lies in the fundamentals.

You don’t need fancy tools nor special knowledge to amass super fans. You only need to master the basics.

In this short read, Rob Hardy discloses 6 fundamental ideas to help you connect more deeply with your audience and earn true fans.

Here’s my favorite:

“True fandom is all about emotional connection.”

To make your audience root for you, you need to make them feel something. And you need to create a meaningful impact on their life.

⛏️ Creator’s Toolkit

How to build Carrd Sites (+ Free Template).

A course by Martin to help you build Carrd Sites from scratch. I thought I knew all the fundamentals about Carrd sites until I watch his videos. A must-watch series if you want to get more out of your Carrd website.

10words.io — A newsletter sharing latest apps and startups in 10 words.

I discovered this quite by chance, but so far it has introduced me to many exciting apps. For example, this week, I found Tabby, a Chrome extension for removing apps automatically and without distraction. Quite a powerful tool if you're in a habit of opening 20 tabs at a time.

That’s it for the week.

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