MYB #30: How to create content faster

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Are you tired of content creation? This newsletter issue will give you the prescription. But first let's consider why you're sick of creating content online:

  1. Lack of recognition: no one pays attention to what you create which demotivates you to continue your work.

  2. Lack of ideas: you don't know what to write about. Your mind is full of ideas but every time you sit down trying to create it is a constant struggle.

  3. Lack of energy: you don't feel like creating. Life has got the better of you. 

There are many tips and tricks online to fall back in love with your creation. We'll get into these in a minute. But if you want the ultimate prescription to cure laziness and pump out content like a machine, here's the only word you need to bear in mind: VALUE.

Always provide value to your audience. Every time you get stuck ask yourself. Why do you start this in the first place? What value do you hope to add to the world? Is it something people want? You can't go wrong if you look to add value. 

Now onto the newsletter...

πŸ“• 5 Impactful Reads To Create Faster

  1. How to recycle a post into 10 social media blog posts?:  So often it's not the content creation that slows you down but the promotion of it. Know what? Lack of promotion can really bring you down because it hurts when nobody knows your work. The prescription? Promote your work as much as you create if not more. Here's 10 smart ideas by Neville Medhora to share your newly written post on social media. 

  2. 5 ways to write high quality content fast by Carol Tice: when put under pressure, many of us create crappy content. This not only hurts our reputation but we ourselves wouldn't feel too happy about it. If you always struggle with deadlines one day away, check out these 5 tips by Carol to stay ahead of the writing game. Here's one big take: Brainstorm ideas in advance β€”  Keep a list of possible topics & turn related posts into a series. With the brainstorming part aside, you can fire up at the keyboard and create awesome content. 

  3. 8 ways to maximize the value of your social media content: Love this piece by Josh from For The Interested Newsletter. We tend to look over the work we've created. In the content creation game, it's a must to put yourself out there as much as you can. Here's 8 more ways to maximize the value of your creation. The key is to create evergreen content then repurpose it for different platforms β€” you can share snippets, break it down, rewrite, just don't let it sit at one place waiting to be discovered.

  4. Build a note taking system: A note taking system not only stores facts or quotes but also a trove of your best ideas. With enough effort, note taking can help you create faster. Here's a great thread on how to build a system of notes for creating πŸ‘‰ My favorite takeaway: Force yourself to write write often. The pressure to create more forces you to turn your note-taking system into an extension of your mind.

  5. 50 can't fail techniques to find great topics: part of fast content creation is to come up with many great topics. Here's a big list of ideas to find inspiration for your writing. 

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